Now complete the I-100, I-200 and I-700.

1. Click on the “Interactive Web-based Course - EMI learning site” and take the courses. Each course may take several hours do not rush them. This is the foundation of all fire emergency incident management.

2. When you have completed each course click on “Take This Exam - Take (name of course) Final Exam" button at the above web site.

3. The required material is presented in three on line self study ICS courses that are free and available at the following websites:

**I - 100 Link**

**I - 700 Link**

When you take the tests, it will allow you to register. Please enter an email account that you check regularly, as quick return on your test results will come by email.

When you receive confirmation of a passing score by email, please print the “you’ve passed” confirmation and submit it to the training office with the other documentation from this unit.